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About Gate Waves

We align People, Process and Technology Intelligently
Gate Waves gazed its voyage inside 10 years prior by giving IT Solutions and Travel Services for any size of travel business organizations.
Quality has dependably been the key zone of Gate Waves while we render our services and solutions to our customers. A testimony of this can be brought through the excellence which we have aimed in conveying our services and solutions to each one of our customers. It has always been our responsibility to concoct new musings and fresh thoughts to make our clients challenge their market space.
We are centered on walking ahead to have creative realms, services, and solutions which promise and guarantee a decent ROI

Our Values

Technical Alignment:

We believe alignment is Key to success for every business in today’s world

Team Collaboration:

We believe that through collaborative effort we can deliver value to customer

User Centric Development:

We believe that product needs to be evolved and developed as per user needs and requirements

Client Relationship:

Our Organization is built on mutual trust, passion, and drive for what we do

Why Choosing Us

Service Excellence

A Return on Investment

A Consistent Global Solution

Service Localisation and Cultural Awareness

Best of Breed Technology